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The term "Versawhip" usually refers to VersawhipTM 600K, a proprietary modified soy protein used to replace egg whites or gelatin in foam recipes. It's pure enzymatically treated soy protein which can be hydrated with water and whipped to make a foam. Use less product than with egg white powder, foams are more stable, better flavor release. Can use for cold or hot foams. Advantages include consistent foam quality without risk of over-beating, greater heat and acid tolerance, and reduced microbial risk.

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    Enzyme modified soy protien. Contains: sulphites and soy.



    • ALTERNATIVE TO EGGS & GELATIN – Versawhip 600K is an alternative to gelatin or egg whites, used as a thickening agent in various recipes. It is basically enzyme-treated modified soy protein that is responsible for creating a great foamy texture.
    • ADVANTAGES – This product can be used for both hot and cold whips, with no risk of over whipping involved. When used with ingredients high in acid content, Versawhip produces rich foam. However, if you are dealing with fatty ingredients, this product will not work well.
    • MODERNIST KITCHEN ESSENTIAL – This is a modernist addition to your culinary experiments, as it has the ability to create more stable foam than any other ingredients. You need this product in little quantity, as compared to gelatin or eggs. If you do not prefer the taste of eggs in your dessert recipes, this white powder is a must-have item in your kitchen.
    • HOW TO USE VERSAWHIP? – You can use a blender for whipping this product. First, hydrate your Versawhip in water. Then, use a blender to make airy foam in no time.
    • VEGAN – Versawhip is perfect for vegan diets, as it is used as egg-replacements. You may use this product for making macarons, meringue, and other desserts of your choice.

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